"Photography is Truth. The Cinema is Truth Twenty-Four Times per Second"

– Jean-Luc Godard

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A Production Solutions Facility for Creators

Bluegrass Motion Pictures Studios is a movie, television and content studio located in Kentucky’s enhanced incentive Montgomery County. Created by industry legacy George C. Romero, we are a facility for creators to enjoy the benefits of the robust tax incentive within the state, create local jobs, keep entertainment dollars in Kentucky and work to grow the talent, crew and resources available to local producers and creators as well as to those from out-of-state who bring their content to the Bluegrass for production with the goal of truly advancing the development of Kentucky’s production industry.

We are a full-service studio for TV, film, commercial and social video production studio.  We operate our 17-acre campus as a synergistic environment for the growing independent elements of Kentucky’s content creation industry.  Bluegrass Motion Picture Studios serves the creative industry with fully capable production offices with full-service amenities.  Launching with 2×1000 square foot insert stages, we’re building our 30,000 square foot sound stage preparing to open mid 2018.  We are Kentucky’s premier independent movie studio.