“A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.”

– Orson Welles

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Production Services Architected from 25 Years in the Field

Our founder’s 25 years of production and dealmaking experience offers a unique insight to our clients.  Our production services are designed to offer efficient solutions without extravagance… except where necessary. 

With over 200 commercials, shorts, documentaries and feature films under his belt, Romero has seen more than most. With regard to what does and doesn’t work, almost universally, we have crafted a unique set of resources for creators. 

We are a full-service studio for TV, film, commercial and social video production.  Our purpose is to provide a supportive, synergistic environment for the growing independent elements of the entertainment business. Bluegrass Motion Picture Studios serves the creative industry with fully capable production offices, two _____ square foot insert stages.  Construction is nearly complete on our 30,000 square foot Stage 1 and we also offer full service offices and amenities.  We are Kentucky’s premier independent movie studio.

lighting and grip

Lighting Packages

We offer lighting packages of all sizes for productions of all sizes.  HMI, Tungsten, LED, we’ve got the whole thing covered.

Grip Packages

Whatever your production needs, we’ve got your back.  Our scalable packages have everything you need and we’ve got the experience and pros to help you figure it out.


Location Packages

We’re not just a studio.  If you’ve got a location shoot, we can get your grip, lighting, camera and distro to where you’re shooting.  We’ll even get you a generator so you can power all the toys you take out to the middle of nowhere.


Planning production, meeting investors, holding auditions or just need a place to pull out your hair while you try to remember everything you’ve forgotten? We’ve got the space.  Our offices have everything you need.  And just in case, our offices are in the same building as our pros… we’ve got your back.